2006 Monte Carlo Door Panel Removal 

Had to tighten one bolt on the side view mirror, making it necessary to remove the whole door panel.

1, 2 & 3 are phillips. #3 failed to alert me of its presence and I had a bugger of a time before I just laid down on the ground to look up into the loose panel and saw it.

4 & 5 are T30 Torx

The door handle & lock switch panel. Easily pry from front. There's tabs in the back.


The latch for the power lock button is on the hidden side of the socket, FYI. I pried the switch off of the panel, it slides out from the back.

Lock switch

Sneaky screw #3

The Torx kit. I love Wiha tools

This one was more difficult, the spring steel tabs were snapped in a fashion that prying would not release it. That and I totally missed screw #3 which would keep the panel from ever coming off. Note that the brushed metal trim does not snap off, though it gives the appearance that it does.

I let it lay and worked it from the inside of the panel while it was off of the door. There's enough slack in the wiring. Mak330 says to put something down to protect the bottom edges while working on it, good advice.

Looking down as if from the top of the window. The top edge of the panel hangs in several of these clips. After removing the 3 phillips screws, the 2 torx screws and the door handle trim I slowly unsnapped the panel from the lower left corner then continued along the bottom and up the sides. Swing it out a bit and pull up.

The bottom & sides are snapped in. Note that the long panel back of the door handle and the speaker grille are glued & melted on and do not snap off from the inside. Bummer, I wanted to clean the speaker grilles.

Here's why I am here - one nut on the mirror attachment was loose. Made the mirror shake and jitter. There's a sponge piece that adds insulation in the cavity over the mirror nuts. There's no glue on it.

In all respect, I could have just undid screws 1-5 and pop the panel off to reach the mirror nuts. But curiosity made me want to learn more.