Vic 20 Workstation
Mid 80s, my first computer, Commodore VIC 20. Visible in the picture is the computer, the 1530 Data Cassette and the 5" monitor.  Looks like I was typing in lines of code from a Byte or COMPUTE! magazine.


Mid 90s, the first x86 machine. Clone XT twin floppy drives, 640k, 20mb HDD, monochrome monitor, Okidata dot matrix printer. 2400 dial up for Prodigy or Monterey Gaming System.

Tag Line Generator
Remember those at the end of every BBS message:

Software 'N' Stuff

Installing Microsoft Digital Image software on Windows 10. Old stuff still works.

PowerRen2000 Abandonware? Was a free software that is so power..full. Not much information remains about the program or it's author Eric Gustafson. Microsoft made a Windows10 add-on called Power Renamer in it's Power Toys mod that works but is no match for PowerRen2000. I've used it for 19 years on all Windows versions since then.


Computer Builds

Barovelli Computers

The Computer
 It doesn't even have a funny name! What with all these oddball computers and projects, just what do I use to play SimCity4 or Postal2 on? What makes the web pages at The main big daddy computer WAS quite tame and conservative until it's running gear was transplanted into the sasquatch of computer cases, the CoolerMaster CM Stacker.

Eight Bay Network Attached Storage
Spare parts and eBay shopping lead to a 30TB storage cube.

Adding USB3 Front Panel Ports to the CM Stacker.
The case that refuses to be obsolete.

Replacing the Front Panel to the CM Stacker
No more firewire since the the Creative Zen Jukebox left us some 10 years ago.

The Bad Apple
My take on an AMD PC in a blue & white Apple G3 case.

Bad Apple Classic
Failed project never before seen.

Why not try a better solution than a laptop in the back seat?

A Night At The Opera PC
Homemade Geek Gift to Mom!

Animal Crackers
Another Marx Movie title PC.

eeePC 1000H Keyboard swap
From I changed the keyboard in my first generation 1000H to the better 1000HE keyboard.

Love Happy
Another family computer named after a MB movie.

Duck Soup
A mini media PC

Project Mint
Recycled SCSI case becomes mini media system featuring the versatile Via Mini-ITX.

Mint 2
Another case was found in the HSC junque - what to do with it?

Packard Bell PB440
From the first web pages I ever authored. Upgrading the impossible.

A Mac Story
My hate of Apple things is just an ugly rumor.

Another Mac Project
Bring an old iMac with a bad power & video board to life as a Mac mini.

El-Roboto #4
 A personal chair side assistant.

War Drive
Gathering WiFi signals in the Grove.

Former P.G. School district server. DOS toy.

Lazy Boy Computer
Part end table, part second screen. Sits by the recliner for chairside browsing

Dell XPS 720
Rebuilding a stripped beautiful machine that I have wanted since I first saw it at CES.


Repetitious Assembly of Little Fans. Keep the computer room cool with items from the junk box.

Wall wart eliminator and backup DC power.


TiVo Upgrade/Repair
This project is cross linked from the TeeVee page from a project there, but a recent power surge looks to have hosed my 120MB hard disk. Going back to the archived backup and imaging another new disk fixed it.


A reverse mod. Put a working TV set in a computer case.