eeePC 1000H Keyboard Swap, April 2009

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Package from Asus

Well packaged indeed
Well packaged

In amoungst all that packing material is the little keyboard
The prized keyboard

Yes, the 1000HE keyboard

Looks the same on the back

Biggest reason for change is the shift key. It belongs to the left of the up arrow. No exceptions.

Comparing keycaps

1000h On the left, 1000HE on the right. Height is same or lower.
Comparing the depth

1000HE keyboard has 2 tabs in the front that are not on the 1000H. Not pictured are 4 smaller tabs on each side.
Front edge

I'll trim the tabs. They look like they are metal .
Front edge

Tool of choice, the nibbler.
Nibbler tool

Turns out the tabs are plastic. Could have done it with a nail clipper.
Front edge trimmed

I filed the trimmed edge flush. I also used the file to cut down the side tabs.

To remove the keyboard I use this mini screwdriver pen to release the clips that are over the F1, F6, F11 and Numlock keys.
Micro screwdriver

Not pictured - release the clip on the ribbon cable by sliding it toward the screen. Slide old ribbon cable out, slide new ribbon cable in, secure the cable clip. Drop front of new keyboard in slot, snap in at the top.

Profile view

Test the keys for operation
Test all keys

Do these keys not work? This modification require BIOS 1803 or higher
Do these keys work?

BIOS is 1803

Played with the Fn keys - both Fn keys work

F1 sleep mode
F2 toggles Wifi/Bluetooth
F5 brightness down
F6 brightness up
F7 turn off screen
F9 opens task manager
F10 mute
F11 volume down
F12 volume up
Num Lock
Space bar performance
Page up
Page down

Not Working (some could be Windows 7 ACPI Related, never chased it down)
F3 touchpad toggle (pop up shows, does nothing)
F4 Resolution (pop up shows, does nothing)
F8 Display? Does nothing

Footnote 2009: Removing the side tabs made the keyboard fit flush, but left it slightly loose. The feeling is of the bottom of the keyboard banging against the computer.

I fixed that by removing the keyboard and placing some heat sink tape between the keyboard and metal of the computer.