Code 1 - When Convenient 
Code 2 - Urgent, Without delay 
Code 3 - Emergency
Code 4 - No further help needed
Code 5 - Stake out
Code 7 - Meal Break 
Code 10 - Bomb threat 
10-3 Restrict radio traffic to code 3 
10-4 O.K.-Acknowledge 
10-5 Relay Information
10-6 Busy-Stand by unless urgent 
10-7 Out of Service
10-8 In Service-Available
10-9 Repeat
10-15 Transporting to Jail
10-19 Return to Station
10-20 Location
10-21 Call by Telephone
10-22 Cancel-disregard
10-25 Meet
10-27 Driver's License check
10-28 Vehicle Registration check
10-29 Check Wants/Warrants
10-36 Confidential Information
10-97 Arrived at scene

                        MONTEREY COUNTY - ABBREVIATIONS 
AC Area Check
APB All Points Bulletin
AR Assistance Rendered
ASAP As Soon As Possible
ATC Attempt to Contact
ATC American Tin Cannery (PG)
BOL Be On The Lookout
C Residence
CHOMP Community Hospital
CJ County Jail
CR Case Report
DBF Dead Body Found
DNRR Does not Require Report
DOA Dead on Arrival
ETA Estimated Time of Arrival
FI Field Interrogation
GOA Gone on Arrival
MOR Matter of Record
NIA Non Injury Accident
NMC Natividad Medical Center
NR No Report
OD Off Duty/Overdose
RJ Runaway Juvenile
ROA Report of Action
Routine Coffee Break 
RP Reporting Party 
SBH Silas B Hayes Hospital 
SVMH Salinas Valley Memorial Hospital
TS Traffic Stop
UTC Unable to Contact
UTL Unable to Locate 
X Female>