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Why is it called ''?

What are you here for?

Who's in charge here?

What's Censored Egg?

How do I program the [xxx xxx] Remote or get my [xxx] to work on the ATT Remote?

When do you ever update stuff?

Why is it called '

Barovelli is a character in a classic comedy movie called "Horsefeathers". The movie starred the Marx Brothers, Chico Marx's role was that of Barovelli. Chico is my favorite of the brothers - always twisting the language and using puns, so it was that character that I chose to bless the site's name with. Coming up with a name for a website is a task that challenges one to think of a name easy to remember & say. After the name is chosen you have to look up and see if the name is already taken or not. It's fun to run with a theme, more Marx Brothers items will show up here in the site.

What are you doing this for?

An ego trip for the Webmaster, of course! I've been playing with web pages ever since Prodigy gave me the space to put up text in several header styles. I've toyed with the idea of having a site for the whole famm damily to stay in touch, post pictures and the like. I was going to make a Yahoo! club, instead I chose to nail down a domain name and have an email address that never will change.

Who's in charge of this site?

You can go over to a site like and enter the domain ( into the whois (Who Is) tool and find out. Or I can just give you the information.

David Palmer
PO Box 795
Pacific Grove, CA 93950

What is a Censored Egg?

Censored Egg is a multimedia conglomerate established in 1985. Early endeavors were productions of archived audio & video tailored toward our immediate relations for personal recreation, aural enjoyment and preservation of petrochemical, radio frequency & ferro-oxide entertainment mediums. [we made mix tapes from LP records and copied movies off of cable TV - personal use only of course] . The logo came from a old Leon Russell record - his label was 'Shelter Records' and used an image of an egg with a 'Superman' styled 'S' on it. Seems that DC Comics did not like it. Every Shelter produced LP from that era I ever see carries the 'Super Egg' logo with a big black bar across it, covering up the 'S'. Hence the name . . .

The Censored Egg Logo

How do I program the (insert name of a TV remote) remote?

This is only a personal web site. The remote codes were posted for my use and the search engines found them. Now I get emails from people all over the world asking for support with their remotes. Please understand - I don't have codes for all the universal remotes in the world, only the AT&T Digital Cable units. Trip on over to Google and search for your remote model number. Most times you will find it.

How do I find the code for a [xxx xxx]TV/VCR/DVD/DVR/HVAC on the AT&T remote?

Follow the instructions for FINDING THE CORRECT DEVICE CODE. If that does not result in any joy, visit your cable operator and ask for a newer remote. The 200 series of remotes have been long out of production, there are updated remotes that control more devices.

Dang, when are you going to update this page?

This is only a personal hobby web site. Some stuff is presented for archival purposes, some just does not get updated. Can't help it.

Hire me to improve your Google Results - is your spam filter accidentally blocking my email?

Nope, spam filter is working just fine.