KMBY 1240 Original Studios - Virtually Unchanged

In a recent rare visit to Cannery Row I noticed that there are very few landmarks left. The cannery buildings are all but gone and replaced with replicas. What those that are still there have changed drastically to accommodate imprisoned fish, tourists and more commerce. Gone forever are original bohemian places like Odyssey Records, Capone's Warehouse and The 812 Cinema. One thing that has not really physically changed in over 35 years is the radio station offices, studio and transmitter that broadcasts at 1240 AM. Once Monterey's only top 40 pop station KMBY, it's now a talk radio format known as KNRY. Friends and I would often visit the studio, whether to collect prizes won in the many call in contests, or just see the DJ working at the turntables. Here's a photo collection of the studio as it is today.

The Bear Flag Building.
Bear Flag Building


Across Cannery Row at the water's edge is the antenna tower
Tower on beach

Tower view from parking garage on Foam street
Tower view

Looking up from the base
KMBY Tower


The map showing the coverage of AM 1240
KMBY Coverage map

Back over at the Bear Flag - sign over the door.
KNRY Sign over door

Sign on street.
Street Sign

Entry Way.
Entry Way.

Going upstairs. Everything is the same as I remember from the 70s.
Up The Stairs

Reach the top, go around the corner . .

The Hallway. Door to studios, observation window, door to offices.

Here's where you'd see real live DJs spinning 45s like The Monkees or Martha And The Vandellas.Studio Window

If you went into the office lobby, you could pick up the latest survey of the "Top 12 plus 40"
KMBY Top 12 Plus 40

KMBY Top 12 Plus 40

Time to leave. Going downstairs you'd notice the low ceiling. The redwood ceiling is from the 70s era.
Down the Stairs

Thanks for the memories. Step out and back out into the phony charm.