Surf Playlist

Aki Aleong And The Nobles - Body Surf
Al Casey - Caravan
Al Casey - Ramrod
Al Casey - Sidewinder
Al Casey - Surfs You Right
Al Casey - The Hearse
Aqua Velvets - Holly Tiki
Aqua Velvets - Hookipa
Aqua Velvets - In A Spanish Mood
Aqua Velvets - Nomad
Aqua Velvets - Shrunken Head
Aqua Velvets - Smoking Panatelas
Aqua Velvets - Spanish Blue
Aqua Velvets - Summer At Dreampoint
Aqua Velvets - Surf Nouveau
Astro Zombies - Apache
Astronauts - Baja
Astronauts - Banzai Pipeline
Balboas - Attack Of The Fire Ants
Beach Boys - All Summer Long
Beach Boys - Surfer Girl
Beach Boys - Surfin Safari
Beach Boys - Surfin U S A
Beach Boys - Surfin
Blackie And The Rodeo Kings - Summer Dreams Winter Sleep
Blazers - Bangalore
Blazers - Poison
Bob Hafner - Surf Creature
Bombay Beach Boys - Pipeline
Bomboras - A Fistful Of Terror
Butthole Surfers - Underdog
Catalinas - Banzai Washout
Centurions - Body Surfin
Centurions - Bullwinkle P
Centurions - Intoxica
Centurions - Sano
Centurions - Surfin At M
Centurions - Vesuvius
Challengers - Dance On
Challengers - Foot Patter
Challengers - K39
Challengers - Man Of Mystery
Challengers - Mr Rebel
Challengers - Ramrod
Chandelles - El Gato
Chandelles - Jetster
Chantays - Pipeline
Chevells - Let There Be Surf
Continentals - Tic Toc
Cougars - Saturday Nite At The Duck Pond
Dave Myer And His Surftones - Gear
David Marks And The Marksmen - The Sheriff Of Noddingham
Davie Allan And The Arrows - William Tell 1967
Deadly Ones - Raunchy
Deadly Ones - The Lone Surfer
Deadly Ones - The Moonlight Surfer
Derailers - Poppycock
Dick Dale - Banzai Washout
Dick Dale - California Sun
Dick Dale - Caravan
Dick Dale - Esperanza
Dick Dale - Ghost Riders In The Sky
Dick Dale - Hava Negila
Dick Dale - Lets Go Trippin
Dick Dale - Mag Wheels
Dick Dale - Mexico
Dick Dale - Misirlou
Dick Dale - New Victor
Dick Dale - Nitro
Dick Dale - Peter Gunn
Dick Dale - Rumble
Dick Dale - Scalped
Dick Dale - Shake N Stomp
Dick Dale - Shredded Heat
Dick Dale - Surf Beat
Dick Dale - Taco Wagon
Dick Dale - Terra Dicktyl
Dick Dale - Third Stone From The Sun
Dick Dale - Unknown Territory
Dick Dale - Victor
Dimin - Slippery When Wet
Eddie And The Showmen - Scratch
Eddie And The Showmen - Squad Car
Eddie And The Showmen - Toes On The Nose
Fender IV - Malibu Run
Fireballs - Bulldog
Frogmen - Underwater
Furys - This Way Out
Gamblers - Moondog
Gary Hoey With Donavon Frankenreiter - Wipe Out
Gein And The Graverobbers - London After Midnight
Ghastly Ones - Action Squad
Ghastly Ones - Attack Of Robot Atomico
Ghastly Ones - Deadbeat
Ghastly Ones - Diabolos Theme
Ghastly Ones - Ghastly Stomp
Ghastly Ones - Hangman Hangten
Ghastly Ones - Haulin Hearse
Ghastly Ones - Hollywood Nocturne
Ghastly Ones - Lonesome Undertaker
Ghastly Ones - Los Campiones Del Justico
Ghastly Ones - Mysterion
Ghastly Ones - Surfin Spooks
Ghastly Ones - Thunderhead
Ghouls - Coffin Nails
Ghouls - Voodoo Juice
Halibuts - Bowling Ball Gardens
Honkeys - Tsunami
Insect Surfers - Black Sea
Insect Surfers - Bouzouki
Insect Surfers - Dorsal Fin
Insect Surfers - Grunion Run
Insect Surfers - Halleys Beach
Insect Surfers - Insect Stomp
Insect Surfers - Meteorite Shower
Insect Surfers - Mojave
Insect Surfers - Outsider
Insect Surfers - Pleasure Point
Insect Surfers - Silver Coast
Insect Surfers - Surf Sun And Sound
Irridescen - Swamp Surfer
Jack Nitzsche - The Lonely Surfer
Jerry Cole And His Spacemen - Midnight Surfer
Jerry Cole And His Spacemen - Outer Limits
Jesters - The Jester
John Zacherley - Surfboard 109
Johnny Barakat And The Vestells - The Wedge
Johnny Fortune - Siboney
Johnny Fortune - Soul Surfer
Jon And The Nightriders - Depth Charge
Jon And The Nightriders - Storm Dancer
Kelley And The Beachcombers - Storm Surf
Ken Levy And The Phantoms - Eldorado
Ken Levy And The Phantoms - The Phantoma
Kenny And The Fiends - House On Haunted Hill Pt 1
Kenny And The Fiends - Moon Shot
Laika And The Cosmonauts - A Night In Tunisia
Link Wray - Batman Theme
Link Wray - Rumble
Lively Ones - 40 Miles Bad Road
Lively Ones - Bustin Surfboards
Lively Ones - Chicken Scratch
Lively Ones - Exodus
Lively Ones - Forty Miles Of Bad Surf
Lively Ones - Goofy Foot
Lively Ones - Guitarget
Lively Ones - Happy Gremmie
Lively Ones - Heads Up
Lively Ones - High Tide
Lively Ones - Hotdoggen
Lively Ones - Misirlou
Lively Ones - Rawhide
Lively Ones - Rik A Tik
Lively Ones - Rumble
Lively Ones - Shootin the Pier
Lively Ones - Shootin the Pier2
Lively Ones - Sleep Walk
Lively Ones - Soul Surfer
Lively Ones - Surf Beat
Lively Ones - Surf Rider
Lively Ones - Surfer Boogie
Lively Ones - Telstar
Lively Ones - Torquay
Lively Ones - Tranquilizer
Lively Ones - Walkin The Board
Lonnie Mack - Double Whammy
Los Straitjackets - Calhoun Surf
Los Straitjackets - Cavalcade
Los Straitjackets - Espionage
Los Straitjackets - Itchy Chicken
Los Straitjackets - Lonely Apache
Los Straitjackets - Pacifica
Los Straitjackets - Tailspin
Los Straitjackets - The Casbah
Los Straitjackets - University Blvd
Los Straitjackets - Venturing Out
Los Straitjackets - Wrong Planet
Man Or Astroman - Engines Of Difference
Man Or Astroman - Song Of The Two Mile Linear
Man Or Astroman - Surfari
Man Or Astroman - Theme From Eeviac
Man Or Astroman - Time Bomb
Marketts - Out Of Limits
Marketts - Surfers Stomp
Marketts - Vanishing Point
Marlins - Let Down
Nocturnes - Cyclone
Nocturnes - Third Star To The Left
Novas - Take Seven
Phantom Five - Graveyard
Preston Epps - Bongo Rock
Pyramids - Penetration
Pyramids - Pressure
R E M - White Tornado
R S T - On The Beach
Rally Packs - Bucket Seats
Readymen - Disintegration
Revels - Church Key
Rhet Stoller - Chariot
Richie Allen - Surf Man
Richie Allen - Swanee River Twang
Richie Allen - The Quiet Surf
Richie Allen - The Rising Surf
Rivingtons - Papa Oom Mow Mow
Rondels - On The Run
Ronnie Cells Continentals - Chicken
Rotations - Heavies
Sandy Nelson - And Then There Were Drums
Sandy Nelson - Casbah
Sandy Nelson - Drummin Up A Storm
Sandy Nelson - Let There Be Drums
Sandy Nelson - Teen Beat
Scott Wood - Chicken Rock
Sentinals - Big Surf
Sentinals - Latinia
Sentinals - Tor Chula
Shadows - Bongo Blues
Shadows - Kon Tiki
Shadows - Shindig
Shadows - Theme For Young Lovers
Shutdowns - Four In The Floor
Southern Culture On The Skids - El Mysterioso
Southern Culture On The Skids - Galley Slave
Southern Culture On The Skids - Jack The Ripper
Southern Culture On The Skids - Kudzu Limbo
Southern Culture On The Skids - Make Mayan A Hawaiian
Southern Culture On The Skids - Mudbuggy
Southern Culture On The Skids - Rumors Of Surf
Southern Culture On The Skids - Skullbucket
Southern Culture On The Skids - The Wet Spot
Southern Culture On The Skids - Wig Out
Stage Men - Rock Casual
Sting Rays - One Mo Gin
Sunrays - I Live For The Sun
Super Stocks - Gridiron Goodie
Super Stocks - Midnight Run
Super Stocks - Newport Beach
Super Stocks - Oceanside
Super Stocks - Redondo Beach
Super Stocks - Trophy Run
Super Stocks - Ventura
Surf Punks - Lifes A Beach
Surf Punks - My Beach 2000
Surf Punks - Ride The Wild Surf
Surf Punks - Wave Spy
Surfaris - Bombora
Surfaris - Exotic
Surfaris - Failsafe
Surfaris - Jack The Ripper
Surfaris - Point Panic
Surfaris - Similau
Surfaris - Surfer Joe
Surfaris - Wipe Out
Tail Gators - Swamps Up
Tempest - Surfing To Mecca
Thunderheads - Thunderhead
Thundermen - Odyssey
Toads - Morpheous
Tornados - Full Circle
Tornados - Male Guena
Tornados - Phantom
Tornados - Pier Pleasure
Tornados - Scalping Party
Tornados - Shootin Beavers
Tornados - Vaquero
Torquays - Bumble Bee Twist
Torquays - Busting Point
Torquays - Mr Moto
Torquetts - Side Swiped
Trade Winds - New Yorks A Lonely Town
Trashmen - Bird Bath
Trashmen - Bird Dance Beat
Trashmen - King Of The Surf
Trashmen - Malaguena
Trashmen - Stick Shift
Trashmen - Surfin Bird
Turbo ACs - Apache
Ventures - Hawaii Five O
Ventures - Secret Agent Man
Vulcanes - Moon Probe
Vulcanes - Twilight City
Woggles - Flash Flood