Fill in the "P O N T I A C" 8/9/09

Description: Ebay enables a cheap mod.

Comments: Hmm. Ever have non-car people comment on your Camaro (or worse yet Celica)? This little dress up comes to us from eBay. 7.99 buys two, count em two sets of vinyl lettering to fill in the reverse embossed PONTIAC letters on the back of the Firebird.

I followed the instructions and did a wet transfer. Little skill involved sliding the letters on and pressing them in to stay without jagging it off the side.

Rear Lettering on Firebird

End result is great. Yes, it's a PONTIAC, the great American car make that brought on the ponycar revolution in the 60s, great TV & Movie cars in the 70s & 80s and survived the 90s (never mind that Aztek thing...) and left us in the 2000s.