Monte Carlo Headlight Replacement

The Chevy's plastic headlights show more wear than they really should. They had that yellow, weathered look when I got it last year. When another Monte Carlo owner on the Monte Carlo Forum upgraded his 2007 SS with aftermarket units he offered his nearly new originals for sale. I bought them.

I also sought to remedy this - the passenger side lens has the metal reflector rolling loose inside. The only fix (besides a lucky game of shake the light and hope that bugger drops in it's hole) is to separate the halves and reset the thing, then re-seal the halves together.

Loose Parts
loose parts

Headlight removal is easy since one must remove the entire assembly to change a bulb. Pull up the plastic stick and push toward the back. Loosen one sheet metal screw and pull the light forward. One connector to unplug and that's it.

You can see the difference
Before & after

Nice upgrade
Upgraded lights

Lights - side angle