Rav4 front door speaker replacement

Continuing with the RAV4 upgrades, I replaced the stock speakers. This is REAL easy and instantly gratifying if the stock speakers are not up to your likening .

Remove the door panel. There's 2 Phillips head screws in the grab handle, one in the latch trim, one covered by a button and one down in the map pocket.

Rav4 dorr panel screws

Pry up the power window/ door lock switch panel. Unplug the switch panel and set aside

Rav4 Window switch panel

The button covered screw has a notch at the bottom. You can see that I and some other person didn't know that.

Screw covered by trim

There are snaps at the bottom of the panel, gently pull the panel away, then lift the top over the edge of the window channel.

Remove the four hex screws that secure the black plastic speaker housing to the door.

Rav4 speaker housing

You may need to pry the housing off., a gasket like material both reduces vibration and sticks the housing to the door.

Rav4 speaker gasket

Take out the four screws holding the speaker and pry it off - a gummy glue holds it to the bracket.

Rav4 speaker out of car

Cut the factory plug off the old speaker. Strip the wires.

RAv4 Factory speaker plug

Hint, put the heat shrink tubing on BEFORE soldering.

Rav4 speaker wiring with heat shrink

Solder. I love the smell of rosin core burning in the mornings . .

Rav4 speaker connector soldered to new speaker wire

Soldering done, shrink the heat shrink. Pioneer supplies a short jumper that connects to the new speaker's terminals.

Rav4 speaker wires completed

Connect jumper to speaker.

Rav4 speaker connecter

Snap the factory plug back on the bracket

Rav4 speaker connector bracket

The new speaker's screw holes just in reach on the Rav4 speaker housing.

Rav4 speaker screw hole line up

Add the screws to the remaining gummy stuff and they fit perfect.

Rav4 new speaker in bracket

Plug into factory wiring, reattach to door. Put door panel and switch panel back on car.

Rav4 new speaker in door

I chose Pioneer TS-G1641R. $49.99 . Your best buys are always at Frys

Pioneer Speakers from Frys