Stretch's Vanity Plates

Nickname was bestowed on me by two coworkers in 1979 - Doug & Kevin. Of course what would looks better on a 27' Ranchero than a vanity plate with the name?  Taken in 1980, before the plate arrived. No photos exist of it on the car.


After that, the plates were on the 280ZX. Taken in 1983. Never changed them, for "Rust Never Sleeps" would not fit on a vanity plate, LOL.


Next life, they stayed on the 1987 King Cab for 21 years. Taken in 1995.


The King Cab was sold in 2008, and I had a leased SUV that I didn't want to put them on, so I put them in non-op status for 2 years


In 2010 I bought a used Monte Carlo for a commuter car and the plates had a new home. Only those old blue/yellow plates would not really look good on the car, so I applied for duplicates in white/blue. Took 3 months to get them

New plates

DMV handled the transfer in 15 minutes. Drove out with them. They let me keep the old ones - guess if I ever get that 1972 Ranchero of my dreams I have an era appropriate plate. I'm thinking about having them restored for the occasion.

DMV parking lot

Will work for bandwidth. Ha ha.