The Bad Apple Classic II, May 2004

Hot on the heels of of the G3 Bad Apple came this. Unlike that project I lost interest near the end and halted. Mostly because a car computer caught my imagination and I took a serious look at this and thought "why".

Case is a Mac Classic II. Butterfly Parade Bazaar item, didn't work. All diagnostics pointed to logic board failure.
Bad Apple Classic front

None of the normal yellowed plastic. Notice asset tag 00214, PGUSD.
Bad Apple Classic back ports

Plan was to use Frontex extensions to bring the ports to the stock locations. Serial, parallel, mouse, keyboard, etc.
Bad Apple Classic

Switches will be repurposed for power & reset.
Bad Apple Classic reset buttons

The gutted case
Bad Apple Classic gutted case


Bad Apple Classic gutted case upper view

Test fitting. Pioneer slot load DVD drive, laptop hard drive.
Bad Apple Classic drive mockup

Power supply test fit
Bad Apple Classic power supply mock up

Mainboard test fit. PC Chips ITX board.
Bad Apple Classic mainboard mockup

Mainboard fits with normal RAM
Bad Apple Classic mainboard

Widen the floppy disk slot
Bad Apple Classic disc slot

Mounting Optical drive. To line the slot up I had to lower the drive. This was fatal flaw one
Bad Apple Classic DVD Mount left

This side of the drive is secured with mesh.
Bad Apple Classic DVD Mount left

The other side with the case.
Bad Apple Classic DVD mount case

The desired result of DVD drive install
Bad Apple Classic DVD Slot

Monitor is a black & white monochrome VGA unit from a cash register system.
Bad Apple Classic monitor

Monitor fitting. Appears stock
Bad Apple Classic monitor installed

The monitor's electronics & main board will mount to this mesh - the mainboard would not fit in the bottom as planned because the DVD drive had to be sunk below the chassis.  Flaw number two.
Bad Apple Classic Monitor board

Power supply, a low wattage e-machine power supply. Remove the case.
Bad Apple Classic power supply

The power supply will fit in the 'basement'. Two screws will secure it.
Bad Apple Classic power supply bolts

End of project. Gave up on cramming the parts around that mesh chassis. Mainboard went toward car computer, DVD Drive went in an external case. rest went in the trash