Duck Soup Computer, 2005

Just a quick collection of spare parts in a pretty case.

Motherboard: ECS K7SEM micro ATX with USB, onboard video, sound, LAN.
AMD XP1400 CPU (1.2 GHz).
Power supply is a stock micro PS.
640MB RAM.
160 gig Maxtor Hard drive.
Lite -on DVD Drive.
ATI All In Wonder 128.
2 Case fans with fanbus.
Zalman CPU Fan control.

Duck Soup Inside

Duck Soup rear

Case is a shiny black case with blue accents, like that light beam than stretches across the front. Added a 3.5 bay fanbus, it is also blue backlit.

Footnote 2009 - Lost the front view picture. Sold this for about $200. The contents of the Sample Media folder made for a good deal.