The Lazyboy Table Computer

Inspired by the El Roboto concept, this puts a full sized screen and PC close to the recliner. Good for elderly and handicapped

Started with a free office chair. Does not matter if the back or seat is torn, we only want the base.

Free Chair

Remove the seat and back extend the height all the way then remove the adjuster. I needed to remove the plastic covering the legs to get enough room for the computer tower.

Bought a 20" round pine table top at Home Depot.

20" Pine table top.

Attached table top to chair base. Measure and test fit the PC tower on the chair, some towers may require an offset table top Mine was on center. I primed and painted it black.

To hold the PC tower I used and under-the-desk CPU holder.

CPU Holder

Dang these have gotten expensive. I scored mine at Weird Stuff Warehouse for $10. It was brand new, only missing some screws.

Put it together. Test fit and attach the CPU holder to the underside of the tabletop. Keep the center of gravity toward the middle.

CPU mounted - back 

Zip ties are the greatest. There is a power strip on the middle post. It in turn is plugged into a 10' curly coiled extension cord. 

Front. Looks like a Compaq, huh?


It's really a P4 computer on a Gigabyte micro ATX board. Internet comes via USB wifi dongle. Keyboard and mouse are wireless.  The Compaq case was another recycled item chosen to fit in the space provided.  

Last item was a monitor arm.

Monitor Arm

I got one of these Atdec arms for about $60 on Craigslist. There are many more now that are cheaper. In 2011 they were not so plentiful.

Completed in use for 5 years now.