The Nibbler

Once an expensive server for the Pacific Grove Unified School District, it was a prize in the Butterfly Bazaar for a measly five bucks.

It was a DOS toy and sometime BBS system. Later sent to Wild Bill for the cost of shipping.

IBM 8580

RAM on board
3968 KB RAM

Back Panel
8580 Back

RAM modules
3968 KB RAM

RAM Expansion board
More RAM

Motherboard markings. Them's Microchannel slots!
E 6175

More motherboard markings

8580 161

Direct Access DOS menu & utility
Direct Access

The Main Menu
Menu system

Baton Rouge
Fifth Generation Systems

Go ahead, press F2

F2 Screen
System info

XTree Gold
XT Gold

New Print Shop
New Print Shop

Lotus 123
Lotus 123

More motherboard markings