Back in my CB heydays, members of our home channel would often try our darndest at imitating the Browning "screaming eagle" with our cheap Cobras or Royces. Most often accomplished with something to provide feedback (and a quick hand on the feedback device's power switch), it would lead into making mechanical modifications to a UG stand D104. For the newer CBers who may wish to explore some ancient fake technology, here are two that I remember well:

1. The Boinger: Loosen the lower left screw on the mike head. On the back, place a bobby-pin under the screw and tighten. The bobby pin's ends will point down. Adjust so that on of the ends is between the squeeze bar and the stand. When you squeeze, the end pops out, and gives a sound somewhat like a rubber band boing. You hear very little of the sound, so you must remember to pause before speaking
D104 Boinger

2. The Dinger: Mount an old telephone bell (remember those??) on the back of the mike head, under the lower left screw. On the squeeze bar, you'll need to attach a length of wire-I used the center strands from 4" of RG8-with a split shot sinker(if you never fished in your life, just build up a ball of solder on the end) mounted within an eighth of an inch from the bell. It will look like ringside at the Friday night fights. I used handy Scotch 88 tape to attach the wire. About an inch of the wire (with the "clapper") would extend from the squeeze bar, and bent out to the left a bit. A good, fast squeeze will ding the bell, the initial striking will not be heard by others, only the lingering tone.