Essential Radio Listening

Here are the 'Top 23' frequencies to hear just about all of the public safety operations in the Monterey Peninsula. The Monterey Peninsula is made up of several cities, many are dispatched from the 911center in Monterey.

Monterey Center, as it's heard on the radio, dispatches:

Carmel dispatches from it's own department, but has capabilities to communicate with the other agencies.

<city name> followed by 'Records' or 'Jail' refers to the radio being operated at the cities' police station.

Salinas Dispatches for Salinas and Marina

Marina's Police and Fire dispatch from the same frequency

Fire/Ambulance Dispatches

Fire and Ambulance are dispatched over the same frequency.

Fireground channels

From the Monterey Center, you may hear referrals to channel numbers, the primary operations are:

Channels 3, 6, & 10 are in simplex mode.

Pacific Grove PD has been known to drop to simplex on it's main channel, with referrals to 'go unit to unit' or other terms.

Calcord, 156.075 has been utilized as a tactical channel, referred to as 'Calcord'

Seaside PD uses digital encryption during confidential transmissions. Referred as "Go to Code"

CHP Channels

The Station is On Portola Dr, right off of Reservation Rd and Highway 68. (remember to slow down!)

Other Channels of interest

State Park Rangers, Patrol the beaches, 855.9625.State Parks also is present at the Asilomar Conference Grounds and Asilomar State Beach. They can be heard also on Pacific Grove PD freq, 155.535.Their call is "State Parks #"