Kenwood R-5000 IC10 Option

Update! It works.

Two ICs to buy and plug in to the radio so that you can control it from a PC over a serial port or with an IR remote control (through an interface box).

Another item long out of production. The ICs are sold on eBay for about $30. So, if some eBay seller can obtain them, what are they? A file on the R-5000 Group pointed to Jameco for chips. Cost? $4.40 plus shipping. Only drawback is a $10 minimum so I added a couple of PL259 connectors. Total for me was half of the eBay price. Arrived 2 in 2 days USPS First Class.

Part # 12950, IC, CD4040
Part # 52652, IC, USART, 8251A, DIP-28

Installation is straightforward from the Kenwood manual. Just note you don't have to remove the tiny screws that hold the shield on. They slot into the shield.

r5000 manual text

 r5000 manual illustration


For a connecting cable that interfaces the radio to a computer, the best deal I found was from ZLP Electronics in the UK. They take Paypal, the shipping is reasonable and arrived fast.

I bought the Kenwood RS232 IF232 CAT Interface that uses an standard 9 pin computer serial port. Kept the price down, and I already have a USB to Serial dongle cord.