The Simplest Converter/VCR Hookup

Here's old reliable-Lets you record anything from the converter box while watching any basic cable channel your TV is capable of tuning in. Also restores theTV remote by bypassing the converter.
Required Parts:

* Two way splitter
* A/B Switch (High Isolation Preferred)
* Coaxial Cable Jumpers (5)

VCR & AB Switch

The VCR must be on the converter's output channel, usually 3.

With switch in position "A", the you can watch any channel via the TV's tuner, and can use the TV's remote. This is how you record any channel tuned by the converter. Matter of fact, ANY channel you choose to record must be chosen by the converter.

In Position 'B', the TV is only getting the VCR's output, usually on channel 3. In this mode you watch tapes, see what you are recording and also watch channels that can only be received with the converter.