2014 Subaru Outback Two Way Radio Install

Radio is an Icom 208H dual band (same radio as in the Monte Carlo install found in this website). Control head separated, the mic jack stays on the main unit. Main unit under the driver seat.

Check under the seat, there are perfect holes in the carpet and padding that pull out. Threads are ummm, matching with two nuts from the junkbox, Fine thread, I mean to find out the thread size to share with others. These are in place for either an optional subwoofer, AC inverter or ??

Under the Driver Seat


I used two aluminum brackets (known as Tap Brackets in the cable business) attached to the provided studs for mounting the radio.

Tap Brackets


Trimmed the brackets for they were too long. Getting my big hands in there to take measurements was difficult so I put the brackets on the studs and put a fastener where they overlapped.

Brackets under seat


Remove the assembly and bolt the radio's mounting bracket to the fabricated bracket.

Measure up the brackets


Some wiggling and more contortions  get the radio and it's mount installed. This view is from the front.

Radio going in


Control head cable goes to the rocker panel. Plastic cover pulls up to remove

Rocker panel


To the dash and up the A pillar

Dash Panel

Careful with that A pillar, there is  an airbag in there. I had one removable fastener in about the middle that I pulled toward the middle of the car plus a couple that go down by the speaker. One that does not come out is near the top, it's meant to stay so the trim does not fly off when the airbag deploys. My cable is routed out of the way, behind the airbag toward the front of the car.


First choice was to Velcro the control head in the sunglasses holder but there is just not enough space for two layers of Velcro and a control head to fit when it closes. The Band button gets pressed, and the console there is hard to close.

In the console sunglasses holder


I went back to the Monte Carlo style business card bracket clamped behind the console.

Power is off the battery. There's an existing blank grommet in the firewall begging to be put to use. Down the side and to the under seat location it goes.

Firewall Free Grommet


For the most interesting repurpose of a satellite radio antenna, see the rest of the install.