The Computer, Established January 2005

Dell 24" Monitor

The main system at finally gets some class. Long just a plain beige box with an evolving collection of parts, this holiday season brought a very classy chassis that fits everything with room to spare.

Not visible is the internals:

External stuff:

Stacker 1


CM Stacker panel (see how to swap out one bank of USB sockets to USB3), Muskeeter 2, ZM-MFC1, floppy in Antec adjustable power supply panel.

Stacker 2

Stacker 3


CDR/RW that really looks out of place. Slot load DVD ROM that has had it's faceplate painted.

Stacker 4


Soundblaster Audigy Drive. The last time I ever used Firewire was with a Zen Jukebox mp3 player.

Stacker 5

Stacker 6

Stacker 7

Bad Newegg! Dented case cover

If it don't fit, modify it!
Desk Modding

Footnote 2009: Stacker lives on, most every internal part is changed.

Still have

Footnote 2011: Stacker still lives, equipped with

Footnote 2012: Huge upgrade