Adding Front Panel USB3 to the Cooler Master CM STC-T01 Stacker Case

I have been using this tower case since 2005 and it has held every computer part and accessory that I needed or didn't need. I've never seen another tower case that fits the bill - though computing power and accessory peripherals have changed since the original this case remains a classic. Only in the latest build did I meet a bump in the progress - the new motherboard has USB3 like I wanted. There are USB3 ports on the back for the more permanent attachments and a header for 2 more ports. I could buy a slot cover to add the ports but I wanted to be future proof and bring them up front. Buy a front panel  with the USB3 ports or modify. The choice is obvious.

The stock front panel comes out just like a bay filler.
CM Stacker stock front panel

The connections that go to the motherboard are detachable. Once disconnected I removed the unused jumper for USB/1 and the Firewire port. Sheesh, Firewire.
Back of CM Stacker stock front panel

I have not had a motherboard where I used 6 front panel USB2 ports ever. I once considered wiring up the unused ports to charge the cellphone but never went there. It's been covered with a piece of tape to remind me of it's dead existence. Here is the circuit board removed from the panel, and the soon to be added USB3 ports.
CM Stacker front panel circuit board

Unsolder one old USB port.
One pair of USB2 ports removed

Finding a replacement that could fit in the panel took some searching on eBay, Newegg, Brando and other sites. First choice was just a port with the two connectors in a vertical style that matched the case's USB2 ports. Didn't find.
USB3 ports removed from donor panel

Newegg had this Rosewill RDRD-11005 accessory that offers up 2 2.5" HDD bays and a pair of USB3 ports - in the style I was seeking. I had a Newegg gift card that covered the cost so it was ordered.
Rosewill HDD bay. Donor for USB3 Ports

Disassembling the drive bay without totally destroying it was challenging. Sorry - no pictures of the surgery, I say that there are 4 slots on the front plastic bezel that are gripped by tabs from the metal case. Two tabs on the sides unsnapped ok, I got the top & bottom released by taking out the drive sleds and bending the tabs. Two screws on the back allow that bezel off, releasing the USB3 cable so it can be taken out. Two screws hold the ports to the inside of the front bezel.
Back view of Rosewill HDD Bay

Slice off the mounting tabs.
Trimming donor port to fit 

A mockup shows that it fits real well and blends in perfect.
CM Stacker USB3 test fit

One of the screws that mount the circuit board puts a tilt on the connector.
CM Stacker front panel test fit.

Some more trimming fixed the tilt issue. Mix up some JB Weld and stick the USB3 ports to the circuit board.
Donor USB3 port trimmed to fit

To keep the ports aligned I filled all 6 ports with thumb drives and clamped it together with binder clips. Nothing was hooked up to the motherboard at the time.
Using thumb drives and binder clips to set epoxy

A little bit of shift was permanently adhered. Shift Happens. Functionality is 100%. Bring on the USB3 goodness. Front panel audio and that firewire port are not used, two more opportunities to expand.
CM Stacker front panel with USB3