Radio & Electronics Projects


CB QSL Cards

KNF 5597 QSL Card
Collected over the years. Some I actually got by making contacts! After sitting stashed away for so long, I pulled them out and was amused by the ‘Americana’ that is illustrated in them. WARNING! It’s one big page of over 1300 thumbnail icons. If you are running barefoot (DSL or Dial-up) it may take a while to load.

S9 Magazine CB Skipland Map poster
Skipland Map
Work in progress to improve the preserved image. Still quite amusing - click map for larger image.

Electronics Projects

BIC Beam Box tear down & repair

Kenwood R-5000 - Making your own DCK-2 twelve volt power cord

Kenwood R-5000 - IC10 chips for $4.40. Enable computer control.

Fix low receive volume on Yaesu VX-7R.

Scanner & Shortwave Information

Monterey Agency List
This came from a BBS back in the 90s. Alpha sort of Monterey frequencies.

Monterey Frequency List
The numeric sort of the 90s BBS list.

Short Monterey Frequency
Condensed version.

Essential Monterey Frequencies
The top 23. What to tune to to hear the most.

Monterey County Comm Abbreviations
The famous ‘Blue Card’ that the Comm Center uses.

Santa Cruz County Frequencies (
A recommended web site for the land of banana slugs.

Cop Code
By Combat Arms. More 10 - codes, CHP 11 - codes, some penal code numbers. This is from 1988 and is California centered.

FCC Database Listing P - Monterey County
Dump of Percon data.

FCC Database Listing G - Monterey County
Dump of Grove data.

Frequently Asked Frequencies
The famous Internet Scanner FAF.

Marine Radio Frequencies
Coasties & boaters.

Civil Air Patrol Frequencies
Courtesy of CapCadet69

Monitoring Cable TV Companies
Blow A Rope? Do a Disco? Cable Guy lingo.

Scanning EMTs
Another study of slang.

California Scanner Laws
Be advised of your rights and responsibilities.

The VHF/UHF RF Spectrum
From 30 to 1400 MHz, a list of FCC frequency allocations. 1990s era.

SWL Chart
From 1.8 to 30 MHz, a beginners guide of where to listen.

Pirate Radio FAQ
Brought to you courtesy of - The Association of Clandestine Radio Enthusiasts (ACE).

Pirate Radio Log
A Pirate and Clandestine radio listeners little “Black Book” 1995.

Antenna Coax Installations
Stringing wires safely and neatly.

Homemade D104 Noise Makers
Turn your $99 CB into a Screaming Eagle Chicken.

Lost Manuals

Astatic Microphone Schematics
Useful classic microphone schematics. G-stand , UG-8, TU Kit, T-UG8, T-UG9, T-UP9, TU amplifier, TMD-107, 557, 565-M6 and D104-M6G diagrams, from the back of the wiring booklets. Also the TU Kit installation instructions. Didn’t know I saved that for 30 years.

Astatic Microphone Hook Up Booklet
PDF file of the 1977 CB radio hook up booklet. Authentic notes in the margins at no extra cost.

Micronta 22-203A Multimeter Manual & Schematic.
No popups or links to malware, the real thing.

Micronta 22-204A Multimeter Manual & Schematic.
No popups or links to malware, the real thing.

Micronta 22-152 Multimeter Manual & Schematic.
Another vintage analog VOM.

Ramsey CT-50 Frequency Counter User Manual.
Probing questions answered.

Ramsey CT-50 Frequency Counter Kit User Manual.
Kind of like the first one, more organic.

Ramsey CT-50 Frequency Counter Kit Assembly Manual.
Parts & schematics.

Classic Text Files & .pdfs

From the vault of information long forgot. Some interesting newsletters from hobby bulletin board systems.

Baseline News - from 1993

DMS News - “The Dreaded Mod Sheet” Newsletters. PDFs.

Bay Area Scanner Enthusiasts (BASE) newsletter: The Listening Post. PDFs

CB - The Social Network of the Seventies

Cledus Maggard (The White Knight) book of CB lingo (pdf) for all you beavers and cottonpickers that need a short short course in talking like you are in a convoy...

Cledus Maggard's CB Lingo Dictionary

Best known CB Handles of the 70s-80s

5483, The Monterey Channel Hawk. "heh heh heh, dirty socks in your mailbox"